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Welcome to the Mule Creek Ranch web site. We offer an opportunity of a life time to harvest a Boone and Crockett whitetail deer from the heart of South Texas. We specialize in Whitetail Deer Management hunts for those that do not have the time to maintain an annual hunting lease. We have about 10,000 acres of huntable land located just southwest of Tilden, Texas in McMullen County. Our management hunts eliminate the hassle of maintaining feeding stations, blinds, and the costs associated with purchasing deer feed and hauling it long distances several times a year. Management hunts help us ensure our whitetail deer herd is maintained at the highest quality while offering hunters access to trophy bucks. Taking Coyote, Javelina, or bobcat are encouraged if you are so inclined and we recommend you make it a family event with memories to share for a life time. Let us do the hard work, you enjoy the hunt.

No hidden costs, fee includes all meals, lodging, guide fees, field dressing, quartering, and ranch transportation. Take a look at our web site and contact us for a brochure or DVD. Book early to ensure you are able to get the dates that meet your needs. We provide for all your needs while at the ranch. Our goal is to exceed your every expectation with a cost conscience hunting experience while providing a second to none top quality whitetail deer hunt.

You might consider a package focused on wild hog hunts, predator hunts, and varmint hunts only as part of an off-season hunting adventure. If you have specific interests, just let us know and if possible, we may be able to put a personalized package together to meet your specific interests.

Mule Creek Ranch is a year around lease; the annual membership fee per hunter is $8,500. This buys you one 6.5 year old trophy buck over 160” B&C, two management (cull) bucks and two does (depending on current game census). This fee also includes your utility use for the year and your share of the protein feeding program. We have been feeding protein for 15 years and for the last 2 years we have fed more than 70 tons per year. There are 21 protein feeders in the main pastures. We start feeding protein the middle of January and feed till the horns are hard.

We work with a Biologist and fly the ranch every year to do a game count so the harvest count may vary. This last year we flew the ranch on October 20th.

We have worked real hard getting the cull bucks off via management hunts for 8 points or less. We have some really good genes on the ranch, i.e. split g2’s and 3’s and split brow tines. </ h3>

Mule Creek Ranch is a ranch for serious hunters and is family orientated. No guest is allowed outside of the immediate family.

I personally have hunted the ranch for more than 15 years and have managed it for the last 5 years. I have existing members that have hunted these pastures for over 25 years if that tells you something.

John Hansel

Cell: (512) 658-1954

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successful-management-hunt-eleven-point Management Deer Image24
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Mule Creek is a historical Texas ranch that was established in the 1880’s. The Ranch is over 10,000 acres.

The facilities for our guests are comfortable and allow you to relax while at the ranch.




Our trophy program starts at 160” Boone and Crockett with no trophies being taken under 6.5 years of age.


I'm John Hansel, I would like to say thanks for visiting our web site and hope to see you at Mule Creek Ranch soon.


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